Repairing Your Vehicle Following Collision Damage

A collision can be a source of major damage to your vehicle. Once this damage occurs, repairs will have to be scheduled. In particular, it is likely that the vehicle suffered extensive dents that will have to be repaired, but there are a variety of techniques for effectively addressing this type of damage.  

Paintless Dent Repair

If the dents are fairly small or they have avoided damaging the paint, it may be possible to utilize a paintless dent repair solution. When using this type of repair service, powerful suction devices will be used to actually pull the dent back into the correct form. This is a quick and affordable repair, but it may not be suitable for more extensive dents. However, it can be an excellent option for dents from hail, shopping carts, and even minor collisions with other vehicles.

Panel Replacement

When the damage to the exterior of your car is particularly extensive, the entire panel that has been damaged may have to be replaced. This can be one of the more effective solutions for restoring the appearance of the vehicle. A panel replacement will be among the more expensive dent repair solutions, but it will fully restore both the appearance and condition of the exterior body.

Body Filler

In situations where the damage to the exterior is too severe for paintless dent repair solutions but not severe enough to warrant a panel replacement, body filler can be another option. By applying a filler that can fully bond to the exterior of the car, it is possible to actually fill these dents so that they will not be as noticeable. The use of a body filler can be among the slower repair option as the filler will need to be applied and cured as well as needing to be painted. For the most discrete repair, it may be advisable to have the entire panel repainted.

The dents that can be left behind by severe auto collisions can be a significant problem for a car owner to have to repair. Understanding the potential repair options that may be utilized for this damage can help you with being prepared for the process of restoring your vehicle. More specifically, knowing the benefits and limitations of paintless dent repair, panel replacement and the use of body filler will prepare you for the vast majority of dent repairs that your vehicle will need over the time that you own and use it.

If you are in need of auto collision repair, contact an auto body shop near you today. 

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