Why You Shouldn't Wait to Fix That Dent

If your car body has a dent, you may feel like ignoring it. After all, the car may still run fine if the dent is not large or serious. Many people think dents are only cosmetic, so they can forgo their repair. However, you may still want to repair that dent. Ignoring a dent could lead to other problems down the road. Here are four reasons why you may be better off repairing that dent as soon as possible.

Your Dent May Hide More Serious Damage

Depending on the size of your dent, you could have hidden damage. For example, a moderate-sized dent on the door could affect how your window opens and closes. A dent in the bumper may damage sensors, lights, and the backup camera wiring. A collision shop technician can check for additional damage behind or around the dented area.

You Could Expose Your Car Body to Rust

Some kinds of dents crack or remove bits of paint off the metal. For example, you could have a dent where the metal pushes up and folds. Chances are that the folded part has some exposed metal where rust can deposit. You may not notice the issue until it spreads and makes the car look worse.

You Will Have a Harder Time Fixing the Paint

If your dent involves chips and scratches in the paint, you shouldn't wait to repair it. When your car is exposed to sun, rain, and even water from a car wash, your paint damage could worsen. Cracks and chips may get larger and eventually expose the metal. Wait years, and you may also have trouble matching the paint color.

Your Car May Be Worth Less

Most people don't want to buy a car that looks like it needs repair. Even though dents don't affect your car's usability, people may not want to buy it. Some people see dents as a sign you don't care about your car. They may begin to wonder what else you didn't bother fixing. Therefore, you are less likely to get a decent value for your car even if everything else is perfect.

If your car has a dent, then have it examined as soon as possible. If you wait too long, you could end up needing more repairs. If your car has a dent, talk to a collision repair service for help. An experienced professional can spot hidden damage and be able to more easily match the paint. Your repairs are more likely to go smoothly if you take care of them promptly.

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