Want A Customized Car Wrap? Why Letting The Wrap Company Help Design It Is Best

Car wraps are fantastic whether you just want a fast alternative to a paint job or if you want your company's logo put on all the vehicles in your commercial fleet. Wraps can be customized easily, and many wrap companies offer design services in case you don't know exactly what you want to have on the wrap. If you're getting a commercial advertising wrap — one that has your logo or other information on it — it really helps to let the wrap company do at least part of the designing.

They Know More About Spacing

For one thing, the wrap company will know more about how the spacing of the graphics should look given each car's configuration. You don't want your logo chopped in half by the end of a door so that the whole thing looks like something is missing. They can place words, images, and phone numbers, as well as other contact information, in areas that people will notice easily. Even if you already have a good idea of what you want the wraps to look like, let the design team at the wrap company take a look and suggest modifications so that the images better fit the car.

They'll Have a Better Idea About Which Colors Attract Attention

Your logos and other associated graphics already have a color scheme, but sometimes what works for business signs doesn't work as well in other media. The wrap company can help you modify the graphics using different colors or fonts that may be more successful on a car wrap. Remember, most people will see the car wrap either in passing or during a brief wait at a light. You want a color scheme that won't overwhelm them but that will attract their attention. You also want a color scheme that doesn't hide the information so that people can't see it and understand it at a glance. Chances are you won't have to make too many changes, but you do want to be sure that you adjust your graphics to suit the situation.

They'll Be More Knowledgeable About Legal Issues Like Window Tinting

Sometimes advertising car wraps end up creeping up onto the side windows. That wrap company will have a much better grasp of the legal issues that can bring up. For example, if your state doesn't allow wraps to be on the side windows, the wrap company will adjust the graphics so that they'll fit on the car legally.

Give the wrap company a call to find out pricing and turnaround time. The process should be very simple from start to finish. Contact a custom car wrap service today for more information.

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