Get Into A Wreck? Why Repairs Are Worth It

Did you get into a car accident where your vehicle still runs well but the body has taken quite a beating? You don't want to invest any money into your car you don't have to, so if your vehicle still runs but it doesn't look the best, you figure it's no worse for wear in the end, right? You may even have gotten a settlement with your auto insurance company for the totaled value of your vehicle, which you consider to be kind of a bonus considering your car still runs.

So, your automobile has some auto body collision damage and it still runs; why get repairs if the engine is sound? There are a few reasons why you'd want to get your car fixed even if the flaws in your automobile are entirely on the outside since it's about much more than the way your car looks when you get into the aftermaths of a wreck. Learn why repairs are worth it when your car is involved in a wreck, then make an appointment with your collision specialist.

Your frame may be damaged

Your car's frame may be damaged, which can be bad news for your vehicle over time if you don't make necessary repairs now. Your automobile may look like it's not warped from a head-on inspection, but if your collision expert were to look underneath your automobile or take a closer look at the frame, you'd quickly learn otherwise. Your car's frame may be damaged, which will cause your wheels to go out of alignment and cause other issues with your car if the following happens:

  • Doors have a hard time shutting
  • Tires rub on the frame when turning or driving
  • Your car appears to be lopsided
  • You go through uneven tire wear

Your collision expert will have to either straighten or repair your car's frame if it's damaged, which can prolong the healthy life of your car.

Your car may be unsafe

Just because you can drive your car doesn't mean you should. A damaged hood can pop up in your face while you're behind the wheel, a windshield that has a chip can fully crack, or other issues can come up if you don't at least have your recently wrecked car inspected for safety. Even a minor wreck causes bumper or fender damage, so have your car checked out at the very least. Your collision repair expert may even give you your inspection for free or a low introductory rate.

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