3 Terms To Know Before Repairing Your Car After An Accident

After an accident, you should focus on your physical and emotional wellness first. Eventually, you can begin the process of determining what repairs are needed to your vehicle and how much these repairs will cost. In most cases, repair to your vehicle's body will be necessary. From repainting minor scrapes and scratches to replacing an entire bumper or side panel of your car, these repairs will be important for your vehicle's appeal and value. Of course, you may not understand the terms used by your auto body technicians. This guide will teach you a few essential terms to know before having your vehicle's body repaired after an accident.


After the accident, you will receive a few different appraisals on your vehicle. One appraisal will be conducted by your (or the other driver's) insurance company. This appraisal will be a detailed estimate on your vehicle's actual worth.

A damage appraisal will also be completed. This is a quote written by an auto body or auto repair shop like Prime Body & Paint showing how much repairing the damage to your vehicle will cost.

Fortunately, you will be able to get damage appraisals from a few different specialists. This allows you to choose a reliable repair company at an affordable price.


There are many benefits to using your dealer for the repairs on your vehicle after an accident.

One of the main benefits is knowing repairs are made using original equipment manufacturer parts. Also known as OEM parts, these parts are designed by your specific vehicle's manufacturer, so they are meant to be used on your specific vehicle.

Having the dealer complete the repairs on your vehicle using OEM parts can be a bit more expensive, though, and insurance companies may not compensate you for the extra costs.

If you go to a standard auto repair shop, they may offer you aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are very similar to OEM parts in quality, but sometimes they can be better. In addition, aftermarket parts are a lot more affordable. Because about 80 percent of shops offer aftermarket parts, they are also easier and more efficient options compared to the money and time needed to order OEM parts.

Direct Repair Program

During the process of filing a claim through your (or the other driver's) insurance policy, you may hear the phrase "direct repair program." This is not anything to stress over since it is basically an agreement made between the insurance company and the auto repair shop.

A direct repair program can actually be easier for you, since the scheduling, plans, agreement, and warranty programs are all arranged by the auto shop and the insurance company. This reduces your stress while ensuring you are getting the repairs completed and paid for. 

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