4 Auto Painting Tips To Help You Prepare For New Paint Without Flaws

If you want to have a new shiny paint job for your car, you will want to be prepared when you take it in for painting. A lot of the pre-work will be done at the auto paint shop, but there are some repairs that you may want to do on your own. Cleaning your car, repairing damage and removing rust are a few of the things that can be done to prepare for new paint. Here are some auto painting preparation tips that will help you get your car ready for new paint and ensure there are no flaws:

1. Thoroughly Cleaning Your Car To Spot Imperfections And Damage

If your car has a dirty, faded paint job, the grime may be hiding imperfections and damage. One of the first things that you will want to do before getting ready for paint is thoroughly cleaning the exterior. Use a pressure washer to remove any grime that may be embedded in the old paint to spot imperfections and damage that needs to be addressed when you get a new coat of paint.

2. Preparing Exposed Metal Parts For Paint Or A Fresh Coat Of Grease

There are also many exposed metal components of your car's exterior. These parts are susceptible to rust, which can be prevented by coating them with oil or painting them with a protective coating. No matter what you plan on doing, you will want to clean these parts to prepare your car for a coat of paint. If you are not going to have these parts painted, a fresh coat of grease will protect them from overspray when you have your car painted.

3. Covering Trim And Parts That Are Not Going To Be Painted

Many parts, like trim and chromed metal, need to be protected while you have your car painted. You can use plain vinyl wrap materials to protect the larger parts while you are having your car painted. Use paper and masking tape to protect smaller parts and areas of your car that you do not want to be painted while getting a new paint job.

4. Doing Small Repairs To Rust And Preparing For A Coat Of Primer

Before you have your car painted, there are going to be small repairs that need to be done. Make sure that you remove any rust and expose the raw metal in areas with corrosion damage. While you are preparing your car, this is a good time to look for small dents and repair them before you have your car painted.

These are some auto paint preparation tips that will help you get your car ready for new paint and ensure there are no flaws. When you get ready to paint, contact a professional auto painting sevices shop to ensure that your car looks like new again. 

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