Vehicle Damage That Can Occur With A Minor Accident

Another vehicle barely slams into the rear of your vehicle. You get out and there is just some minor bumper damage. No need to have it repaired, right? The answer is no. It doesn't matter how minimal the damage is, any damage sustained to your vehicle during a collision is worth repairing. Here are just some of the things that can happen when you fail to have your auto body repaired.

Fluid Leak

When another vehicle hits yours, cosmetic damage isn't the only problem. Even if it doesn't seem like you were hit hard, any level of impact is enough to jolt the transmission, engine and other fluid containing compartments.

Once you're hit, the outside of these systems can sustain damage, leading to a fluid leak. Particularly when it comes to your engine or transmission, a leak can cause significant and permanent damage. Even if you don't see any damage on the outside, have your systems looked at to ensure everything is okay.

Accelerated Tire Wear

When your vehicle is damaged during an accident, damage in one area can quickly lead to damage in another area. For example, say your vehicle is hit hard enough to knock it out of alignment. Not only do you have to look forward to a more difficult drive, but you also could end up with accelerated tire wear.

Accelerated tire wear doesn't just lead to the need for you to replace your tires more often, but it can also affect your gas mileage by lowering your efficiency. With this issue, not only will you have vehicle damage, but you will also have to pay for new tires and more fueling.

Inaccurate Fuel Reading

In some vehicles, the sensor that is responsible for monitoring your fuel level is very sensitive. If a vehicle was to hit you in the right spot, this could cause the sensor to malfunction. While it might not seem like a major issue, if the sensor isn't working correctly, it might give you a reading that you have more fuel in your tank than you actually do.

This misreading could cause you to run out of fuel unexpectedly, at the worst possible time. The only way to ensure this isn't an issue is to have the sensor inspected.

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident, make sure you aren't ignoring the damage, no matter how minor it might seem. Always have your vehicle inspected to avoid further damage.

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